Magic and her foal Black Magic
Magic and her foal Black Magic

Annie in summer 2010
Rackwood Annie


2010 News from Rackwood Fell Ponies.

In January, my husband Donald and I bought a small farm (30.5 acres) lying between our existing dairy farm on the outskirts of Crook and my pony land at Hamsterley. I was really excited that the opportunity to fulfil my dreams was about to become a reality. More land = more ponies!

In February the long awaited FIS test became available so the 2 year old colt, Murthwaite Gunsmith, that I had bought as a foal to become my next stallion, was tested. I was very disappointed when he was identified as a CARRIER so I took the decision to have him gelded leaving me with no stallion for the 2010 season.

In April, at the FPS AGM my spirits were lifted when Bonnie was awarded the "John Bellas" Medal for being the "2 year old of the year" having gained the most points. This made me decide to continue with my hobby of breeding Fell ponies so during May, after a great deal of searching, viewing and deliberation, I bought a 3 year old licensed stallion which was FIS tested CLEAR, called Brackenbank Amos. My ladies were happy in the thought that they could continue breeding, especially as they had just produced 3 filly foals.

My showing season was regularly disrupted by work on our new home but success was still achieved. A Rackwood pony was awarded both Champion and Reserve Champion at Lanchester Show, Cleveland Show and Wolsingham Show. Never before have I taken both top honours at more than one show during a season. What I found more remarkable is that my young stock were being placed above Magic. Annie, my yearling filly was Champion at Lanchester Show, Princess, my 2 year old filly was Champion at Cleveland and Annie was Champion at Wolsingham Show. Please take a few moments to watch the video (links below) taken at Wolsingham show where I exhibited 5 ponies. I was delighted to finish on a high just before our planned move.

During September we moved into our new home - an old house with no stables, no water and no electricity. We must be mad! Many of my belongings are still in boxes but that is compensated by a wonderful utility / tack room. Most people downsize when they retire but we have done the opposite as we've moved out of a modern bungalow into a large old house. The search for furniture continues.

At the end of October I weaned my three filly foals (Black Magic, Maggie May and Petal) and did manage to exhibit at 3 foal and young stock shows but my heart really wasn't focussed as my stables were far from complete or fit for purpose. Feeding newly weaned foals by torch light is positively dangerous and not to be recommended.

At the end of December I underwent a long awaited Carpal Tunnel Syndrome operation on my right hand. The pain has already left me and I have every faith that this operation will give me a stronger grip and more control of my ponies. I shall rest and recover and dream about riding out on a newly broken pony next spring.

To sum it up, 2010 was an excellent year - extra land, 3 fillies and a new stallion - Utopia!


Videos of 2010

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Champion at Cleveland Show
Princess, Champion at Cleveland Show

Wolsingham show Grand Parade
Rackwood ponies in Wolsingham Show Grand Parade, Annie in the lead as Champion