Fell pony mare Maydew and foal Windsor
Maydew and Windsor, August 2016

Maydew, Reserve Champion, and Kingdom at Eggleston Show 2013
Maydew, Reserve Champion, and Kingdom at Eggleston Show 2013

Rackwood Maydew and Rackwood Hugo, Summer 2012

The Family

Rackwood Maydew (2000)

Dam: Rackwood Dewdrop, Sire: Heltondale Bonzo Boy

Maydew is a very sensible and solid type of pony. She was handled and shown as a foal with her mother, Rackwood Dewdrop, but then had to take a back seat to allow Magic to take centre stage. I broke her to ride in 2004 and continued to ride her throughout 2005. She was shown at local venues and was awarded Champion and Reserve Champion status on more than one occasion. She has a good length of stride and a powerful trot making her a pleasure to ride. She has been used as a broodmare since 2006 and has produced 11 healthy foals (2016) – 4 fillies and 7 colts. I have kept 3 fillies (Melody, Maggie May & Sophie) and 1 colt (Hugo) but the other 1 filly (Annie) and 6 colts (Clyde, Monty, Cameron, Kingdom, Panasonic & Windsor) have been sold. She was shown as a broodmare during the summer of 2013 and awarded several prizes including Reserve Champion at Eggleston Show. Maydew is due to foal again in May 2017.

Rackwood Maydew

Rackwood Maydew, Reserve Supreme Champion at NECWP & CA Show in 2005

Rackwood Maydew

Rackwood Maydew and Rackwood Monty at Eggleston Show in 2008

Rackwood Maydew, Mountain and Moorland Champion at NECWP & CA Show in 2005

Maydew's Family

Rackwood Melody, 2006, Filly
Rackwood Clyde, 2007, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Monty, 2008, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Annie, 2009, Filly, Sold, Spring 2015
Rackwood Maggie May, 2010, Filly
Rackwood Cameron, 2011, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Hugo, 2012, Colt
Rackwood Kingdom, 2013, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Panasonic, 2014, Colt, Sold, Summer 2015
Rackwood Sophie, 2015, Filly
Rackwood Windsor, 2016, Colt, Sold, March 2017

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