Dewdrop and Velvet in 1986
Dewdrop and Velvet in 1986

Dewdrop at Egglestone Show in 1986
Dewdrop at Egglestone Show in 1986

Dewdrop with her foal Rambler in 1983
Dewdrop with her foal Rambler in 1983

The Family

Rackwood Dewdrop (1978)

Dam: Heltondale Dewdrop IV Sire: Frizington White Heather

Dewdrop was my father's favourite Fell pony. She matured at 13.1hh and had excellent feet and legs. She was a forward going pony who was a pleasure to ride and demonstrated true Fell pony movement when shown in-hand or ridden. During 1986 she won her first red rosettes competing in both in-hand and ridden classes. During the years that followed she was awarded Champion Fell pony on numerous occasions. She excelled as a broodmare and always produced a quality foal regardless of which stallion she was covered by. When she was newly foaled my father was the only person who could catch her. When he took ill during the 1990s I had to wear his wax jacket and trilby hat in order to get close to her. I had to keep my face tilted down and not speak if I was to stand any chance of putting a rope halter over her ears. A real character who was head of the Rackwood herd for many years.

Rackwood Thistle
Rackwood Dewdrop and Rackwood Maydew in 2000

Dewdrop's Family

Rackwood Rambler, 1983, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Velvet, 1984, Filly, Died 03/06/2010
Rackwood Pride, 1985, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Rose, 1987, Filly, Sold
Rackwood Prince, 1988, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Charles, 1989, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Royal, 1990, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Major, 1991, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Robin, 1992, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Rover, 1994, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Thistle, 1998, Colt, Sold
Rackwood Maydew, 2000, Filly

Dewdrop died 31-10-2008.

Dewdrop Died: 31-10-2008

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