Bonnie at NECWPA Summer Show August 2014

Bonnie, Fell Champion at NCPA Summer Show 2014

Rackwood Bonnie and Rackwood Jubilee Joy
Rackwood Bonnie and her 2012 filly, Rackwood Jubilee Joy

The Family

Rackwood Bonnie (2007)

Dam: Rackwood Magic, Sire: Stennerskeugh Bonny Lad

Bonnie is a gentle, kind natured pony. She has been well handled and regularly shown. I am going to allow her time to grow and mentally mature before breaking her to ride. She will grow to full height and should make a superb riding pony. She became a broodmare during 2011.

2009: 1st Prize Fell Youngstock at Lanchester Show
3rd Prize Fell 2&3 yrs at Great Yorkshire Show
1st Prize Fell 2&3 yrs Cleveland Show
1st Prize Fell Youngstock at Hexham Native Horse & Pony Show
Received the FPS ‘John Bellas’ Medal which is awarded to the 2 year old of the year

Bonnie at Cleveland Show, 2009
Bonnie at Cleveland Show, 2009


Stayed at home and ran with my stallion Brackenbank Amos

Bonnie at Hamsterley, Autumn 2010
Bonnie at Hamsterley, Autumn 2010.


Stayed at home with the herd and her filly foal, Ellie May.
Attended Cleveland Show where she was awarded 1st Prize Fell Broodmare

Rackwood Bonnie and Rackwood Ellie May in 2011
Rackwood Bonnie and Rackwood Ellie May in 2011

2012: Stayed at home with the herd and her filly foal, Jubilee Joy.

2013: Stayed at home all year and was mouthed and backed during the autumn.

2014: Took part in Highland & Fell Pony Camp weekend at Linnel Wood
(Dressage, Cross Country & Show Jumping)
Champion Fell at NCPA Summer Show
Reserve Champion Fell at Lanchester Show
Competed in M&M Ridden Classes (4th & 6th) at NECWPCA Summer Show

2015: Bonnie has spent the year hacking out from home and at Hamsterley Forest and has attended some pleasure rides. Unfortunately she’s had to take a back seat while I have spent time showing Maggie May.

2016: Bonnie continued to be ridden by myself and several of my friends who needed a pony to ride.
Fell ponies galloping along a beach
Bonnie enjoying a blast on the beach, March 2016.
We did the North East Support Group Beach Ride in March but by far the most important event she attended was H M The Queen’s Guard of Honour ride at Windsor in July. She was ridden in the front line of ponies by Shelly Gilson while I rode Hugo, my newly broken 4yr old.
135 Fell ponies as a Guard of Honour to HM The Queen, in a green paddock at Windsor Fells as far as the eye can see, at Windsor in 2016.

2017: Bonnie continued to be ridden but, realising that she needed a job to do, I decided to put her in foal again so sent her away to stud during May/June. On her return she went to Hamsterley to live with my other broodmares until she took ill with grass sickness and was brought home for tests and treatment.
Bonnie was put to sleep on 5th August 2017.

Bonnie’s Family

Rackwood Ellie May, 2011, Filly, Sold
Rackwood Jubilee Joy, 2012, Filly, Sold

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